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We are a company dedicated to ephemeral architecture, communication and advertising and marketing. With a wide spectrum of services that adapts to any need in the sector.




Creating experiences since 2017

Corporate events are an important marketing tool, since they allow direct contact with target audiences, both external and internal. We develop corporate events in a comprehensive way; conventions, congresses, inaugurations, corporate celebrations, business breakfasts, product presentations, press conferences …

We take care of the design, project, construction and assembly of basic or design stands, displays, points of sale in shopping centers, premises, infrastructures and equipment for exhibitions, fairs, congresses, etc … providing a comprehensive response to the needs and requirements From the market.

We believe in Results, thanks to the organization and forecasting of projects

We rely on the previous management, organization and forecast of the work. We have professionalized personnel in the sector that focuses on each project, being present in all phases of the process.

Count on us from the creation of the project, 3D design, organization of the event, selection of finishes, assembly, maintenance during the event, disassembly, to a final report of the event.

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Our most recent successes

Arquitectura efímera

La naturaleza temporal de estas construcciones permite a los diseñadores de estos espacios soñar y experimentar más libremente en forma de pequeños caprichos arquitectónicos o en acciones urbanas que alteren el uso del espacio público de forma temporal. Nos apasiona nuestro trabajo y poder trabajar sin límite creativo, solo los impuestos por la naturaleza, es una experiencia única.

Stand/ Trade Show

One of our strengths is the design, production, development and assembly of the Stand. We have the professionals necessary for the comprehensive development of the project. In addition, we have a wide range of companies with which we collaborate so that the experience is perfect. The Booths are delivered “turnkey” so that the customer only worries about enjoying the service.

Commercial areas

We are known for being versatile and knowing how to adapt to our clients. The professional challenges that we have been overcoming in our journey as a company have turned us into an “All-terrain” company. There are companies that need our services to decorate a commercial premises or carry out an action in the center of their city. At Even2 we have the capacity and operations to develop this project.

Communication and marketing

The communication of a company is essential, it is the first contact with a potential client. The first impressions are those that the brain saves and uses in its associations of concepts. In the first 7 seconds of communication, the bases are established to establish future contacts. We take care that your message and presence in the media is the ideal one.

Off/On Line Advertising

When talking about first impressions, we cannot leave out its image, the colors, the shapes. It is all part of your message. Just as important is targeting and locating customers. Today there are so many means of attracting potential customers that working with a company capable of segmenting and planning this strategy is essential to achieve the desired success.

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Irene Carrera


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